Engineer for Process Control and Software Development
If you are interested in working with process control and software development, you may be the person who can help us develop and install software solutions at our customers large combustion plants around in Europe, with a fixed base in our main office in Gentofte located close to Copenhagen.

Dublix works primarily internationally on large waste incineration plants providing several unique products all with the aim of improving operations through stabilization of energy production, reducing mechanical load and increasing plant availability.

You will be part of a smaller team of employees, where you will have a great influence on the solutions and technologies that will be chosen for our future tools and software solutions.

Your tasks will be to

  • travel to waste incineration plants and install and commission high-level (expert) combustion control systems, in cooperation with the plant technical specialists and operators.
  • develop new software tools in an ongoing transformation process applying  Python and C #.
  • use of remote access tools to monitor the actual plant operation and support to optimize the operation as part of the customer service agreement.

You become part of an expanding international company with people based in Germany and Italy, all of whom have extensive experience in the biomass and waste incineration industry.

Your skills include

  • engineering background
  • knowledge of some of these tools
    • Visual Studio
    • # and Python
    • WPF and GUI development
    • OPC communication
    • VBA for Excel
    • Azure Cloud
    • MySQL/SQL database
    • SCADA systems
  • basic knowledge of process control
  • can travel from home for 2 - 15 days at a time, max. 90 travel days per year.
  • driver's license

As a person you work independently and must be able to communicate with customers in English and can create a strong relationship to the plant operators.

Dublix as a workplace
We are located on the outskirts of Gentofte, not too far from Copenhagen. Dublix is an informal workplace where everyone knows each other and there is a very relaxed atmosphere. It is possible to work from home to the extent that it fits into work and travel activity.

Do you want to work with software development, traveling and working with practical process control?
Then send your application to us as soon as possible and no later than March 20, 2020, we are constantly calling for talks.

You are welcome to contact our manager Asger Danielsen on phone 45650549 if you would like to know more about the position.