FuzEvent is the high-level control tool for waste-to-energy and Biomass plants.

The FuzEvent has up-time >95% in automatic controls of the most important combustion parameters

The steam flow setpoint was increased by more than 2% which has given significant higher waste treatment capacity.

  • DUB 3 is a new modern grate design based on many years of experience
  • DUB 3 provides specific solutions and upgrades for waste-to-energy plants equipped with a classical Volund grate.
  • DUB 3 provides very optimal combustion control with high grate pressure drop
  • DUB 3 have very low annual wear on grate carpet - 3 years operation without exchange of grate parts
  • DUB 3 have very low riddling level

The DD-Jet Cleaning System for online cleaning of the open pass of boilers in Waste to Energy Incinerators and Biomass Combustion Plants.

  • Very high efficiency with limited water consumption 30-50 l /min
  • Fast installation on existing boilers
  • Long lasting effect >50-120 DegC temperature reduction out of the cleaned boiler section

This booklet includes more than 28 reference where the DD-Jet system has been installed.

May Boiler cleaning systems from other suppliers have been upgraded with Dublix solution for better performance.

This booklet contains an introduction to some of Dublix recent projects within the Waste to Energy field.

IVM Eeklo WtE Plant increased the annual waste treatment with more than 5000 ton waste/year since 2008 due to succesfull installed FuzEvent system.

Case study: How the IVOO optimization project was implemented and the results of it!

The annual waste treatment capacity was increased with total 4.000 ton/year

Paper prepared for the 20th North American Waste-to-Energy Conference, NAWTEC20, April 23-25, 2012 Portland, Maine, USA

April 2015

Dublix to deliver FuzEvent for combustion optimization to Bolton, a ERF plant owned and operated by Viridor UK.

  1. More Stable Steam Production
  2. Higher Annual Throughput
  3. Increased Operator Support

The Bolton plant was optimized 2015, the most important results were:

  • Return of investment <8 month
  • 7 % increased power production
  • 4,5 % more waste throughput
  • 92 % full automatic operation
  • 35 % less steam fluctuations


Le système de ramonage DD-Jet est pour le nettoyage en ligne des parcours ouverts des chaudières des incinérateurs.

La solution de ramonage DD-Jet est basée sur un unique système de buse rotative brevetée conçue pour nettoyer la chaudière pendant le fonctionnement à plein régime de l’incinérateur.

FuzEvent est l'outil de contrôle de haut niveau pour les incinérateurs de déchets.

Dublix Engineering fournit des solutions et améliorations spécifiques aux incinérateurs équipés de grilles Volund.