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Posted Jan 2016

Due to increased activity related to Dublix optimization technology we are searching for engineers and technicians with a background in Waste to Energy, Biomass combustion or similar background with a heavy interest in the field of optimization with expert systems, Fuzzy Logic and similar technologies.

The working area is design and implementation of optimization with our FuzEvent system, including installation supervision and commissioning.

  • You must have an extensive experience with IT and a deep interest in process optimization, applicants with expertise related to Waste to Energy plants, larger biomass combustion systems and power plant operation will be preferred.
  • You will be exposed to a unique technology which are accepted to at the forefront of high level control of large industrial processes. The basis for our technology has been developed through practical experience gathered over more than 30 years.
  • The Dublix FuzEvent technology is mapping the gap between; conventional control system application and processes in needs of high level control facilities, detailed process expertise combined with automation technology.
  • We will provide extensive training and you will be exposed to "on site the plant job training" with heavy support from our senior specialists.
  • International travel activity has to be expected as most of our projects are at Waste or Biomass Combustion Plants outside Denmark.
  • If you are interested please call Sales Director Asger Danielsen +45 45650549 or CEO Michael Parvang +45 45650540 or send an email.



Dublix is always looking for talented professionals and unsolicited job applications are also welcome.
Job applications may be submitted by email or post.