28 Feb 2019
More than 150 waste-to-energy experts discussed in Potsdam (close to Berlin/Germany) about the possibilities of optimizing thermal waste treatment. The focus topics were this year Efficiency increase Plant safety Plant configuration Reduction of Mercury emissions  Flue gas cleaning   For the program see: https://www.lpnconsulting.de/veranstaltungen/16-potsdamer-fachtagung
19 May 2018
Dublix Technology ApS presented its engineered solutions at the IFAT trade fair in Munich. These innovative products for optimization of WTE plant raised high interest among the international visitors and Dublix customers. A full size model of the self propelled turning DD-Jet nozzle was exposed and frequently put in operation for demonstration. This DD-Jet system is the most efficient way to clean WTE boilers. We thank our customers and other visitors for their interest and inspiring discussions at the booth.
26 Mar 2018
Located in Weener; Power plant for solid recovered fuel (SRF), Klingele Papierwerke The Klingele power plant handle solid recovered fuel (SRF) has used the DD-Jet nozzle heads since 2012. In February 2018 the Klingele plant management decided to order and install a complete full automatic DD-Jet System for cleaning of the first, second and third open boiler passes, the project is an element in the ongoing plant efficiency optimization project.
18 Mar 2018
Dublix Technology will present our newest developments within optimization of combustion systems (FuzEvent) Fouling prevention (SulfGen), CO prevention systems (BoosterSteam) and Dublix shall present our unique DD-Jet boiler cleaning solutions in an operating demonstration unit. The FuzEvent new KPI Dashboard will be running with live data from a WtE plant.
15 Nov 2017
Oliver Gohlke joined the team in summer 2017 as Technology Director and Partner of the newly founded Dublix Technology ApS. Oliver has extensive experience and technological expertise in Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technology.  He took part in its development at key positions during the last 25 years (at Martin GmbH, Alstom-Power, GE-Power, Deltaway-Energy). For further information see https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivergohlke/
31 Aug 2017
June 2017 Dublix Technology ApS was created with focus on the following key products:
03 Jan 2016
Dong Yang WtE Plant to be equiped with one fully automatic DD-Jet system Dublix has recently finalized an agreement for the installation of one fully automatic DD-Jet system at GEQ Solution Co. in Korea. The order marks Dublix' entrance into the Asien market, and is the 10th order of the Dublix' DD-Jet system. The partnership between Dublix and GEQ Solution Co. is triggered by a wish to address cleaning and system reliability needs before they become a problem.  For more information, please contact Dublix. 
29 May 2015
Dublix has been selected to present its optimization technology at the ISWA World Congress 2015, Antwerp, Belgium, 7-9 September 2015. Dublix will present its concepts for optimization of WtE (Waste to Energy) combustion plants. The presentation
14 Apr 2015
Dublix Engineering received a contract from Viridor on FuzEvent in order to upgrade the combustion control at the Viridor Energy Recovery (ERF) Facility in Bolton, UK. The project covers a major upgrade to the existing combustion control system and adding of new instruments and process equipment.
29 Oct 2014
Dublix was August 2014 selected to provide extensive support to Veolia UK. Dublix shall provide engineering support to the biomass combustion plant installation located at Cameronbridge, Five, close to Newcastle, Scotland.