Engineered solutions for optimized WtE plants

Internationalisation and focus - Engineered solutions for optimized WtE plants

Dublix Engineering A/S supplies services for WtE and biomass plants for more than 10 years. In summer 2017 we readjusted our business structure in order to allow further internationalisation and focus on new technologies.
Oliver Gohlke joined the team as Technology Director and Partner of the newly founded Dublix Technology ApS. Oliver has extensive experience and technological expertise from his activity at key positions during the last 25 years development of the WtE industry (Martin GmbH, Alstom Power, GE Power, Deltaway Energy). Dublix Technology ApS will have its focus on the following key products:

  • High level combustion control - FuzEvent
  • Upgrades of combustion systems - DUB3
  • Boiler cleaning with water jet - DD-Jet
  • Reducing fouling and corrosion with a sulfatation generator - SulfGen

These products are in line with the history of Dublix as a supplier of the right “puzzle pieces” for reaching optimization goals in the operation of WtE plants. Our commitment is to be close to our customers with a lean team of experts. The new Dublix Technology management team is composed of:

  • Asger Danielsen (Sales, Copenhagen main office, Denmark)
  • Oliver Gohlke (Technology, Munich office, Germany)
  • Mario Lodi (Projects, Genova office, Italy)

Michael Parvang remains available as Senior Adviser of Dublix Technology and Managing Director of Dublix Engineering. We are looking forward to a continued good level of collaboration with our existing and new clients! For more information please contact Asger Danielsen at or mobile +45 21 43 96 54.