June 2017 Dublix Technology ApS was created with focus on the following key products:

  • High level combustion control - FuzEvent
  • Combustion grate improvements - DUB3
  • Reduction of CO with steam injection - BoosterSteam
  • Prevention of fouling and corrosion with a sulfatation generator  - SulfGen
  • Boiler cleaning with water jet system - DD-Jet

These products are in line with the history of Dublix as a supplier of the right “puzzle pieces” for reaching optimization goals in the operation of WtE plants. Our commitment is to be close to our customers with a lean team of experts. The new Dublix Technology management team is composed of:

  • Asger Danielsen (Sales, Copenhagen main office, Denmark)
  • Oliver Gohlke (Technology, Munich office, Germany)
  • Mario Lodi (Projects, Genova office, Italy)

Michael Parvang remains available as Senior Adviser of Dublix Technology  ApS and Managing Director of the independent Dublix Engineering A/S. We are looking forward to a continued good level of collaboration with our existing and new clients! For more information please contact Asger Danielsen at asd [at] dublix.com or mobile +45 21 43 96 54.