Paper and presentation on performance increase of waste-to-energy plants by Oliver Gohlke, Technology Director of Dublix Technology ApS

At the IRRC conference in Vienna will be published the paper on "Engineered solutions for boosting the performance of existing WtE-plants".
Smart engineered solutions have the capacity to boost the performance of waste incineration or waste-to-energy plants (WTE). The focus of this paper is on the existing more than 1600 WTE, which operate sometimes with quite old or even outdated equipment. The operation allows to generate relevant amounts of power and heat from mixed municipal waste. A treatment capacity of over 200 million tons of waste per year is at stake.
The potential for performance increase is important and, in many cases, more sustainable than complete new construction. Examples are given of how the performance and availability of existing plants are improved. The focus is on the combustion system and boiler, which are the core component and most critical part of the WTE process.
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