DD-Jet order received Ecomaine/USA

There is an increasing demand of North American WtE plants to optimize emissions, availability and performance. Many technologies developed in Europe in the last years for optimizing existing plants are not yet implemented at the important North American fleet of existing plants. An example for that is water-jet washing of the open passes. This technology allows to clean the open boiler passes (typically first, second and third pass). The result is improved heat transfer and reduced flue gas temperatures at the convective boiler passes and superheaters. Desired consequences are longer service periods, increased availabilities, reduced corrosion and potential for higher throughput.
Dublix received a Purchase Order for such a system from the Ecomaine WtE plant in Portland/Maine. This plant has a Steinmüller boiler from 1986 with a width of 3,6 m. One opening per boiler pass in the boiler roof is sufficient to clean the whole boiler pass. Steve Goff, Dublix' WtE expert based in Pennsylvania, is in charge of Business Development and Project Management for those North American optimization projects (sg [at] dublix.com).