The ACSM-AGAM spa Waste to Energy plant was established in 1969, the plant has since then undergone several upgrades and is today a modern WtE incineration plant operating 2 combustion lines and processes approximately 90.000 tons waste per year.

For an overview of the plant's history, please use this link.

During recent years the plant has been receiving waste with a high heating value. This change of waste has caused an increase of fouling in the empty passes of the boilers, and increased temperatures in the Super Heater areas.

In 2016, the plant requested publix tender  and Dublix became the selected supplier of one DD-Jet system.

This installation marks the third DD-Jet system installation in Italy.

The DD-Jet system on this plant is an outdoor installation, it was put into operation on one boiler pass October 2016,

Below find the performance of this DD-Jet system during 4 month showing very positive results. The graph show the flue gas temperature at the super heater entrance after the DD-Jet was installed compared to the period before the installation. During the four month of operation with the DD-Jet no plant stop for off-line cleaning was required.

DD-Jet Performance Como

DD-Jet Performance Como