DD-Jet system for Danish WtE plant

The Waste and Biomass based energy producer AffaldPlus+ is serving around 300.000 of inhabitants in the South and West Zealand area, the head quarter is located in the city Naestved 90 km south of Copenhagen, Denmark. AffaldPlus+ handles in total 5 WtE combustion lines installed at two plants.

As a part of a major efficiency improvement process on one combustion line, the AffaldPlus+ plant management decided May 2014 to install a DD-Jet system.

The new DD-Jet system is cleaning one clean one boiler pass, the new system is controlled from the control room and operate fully automatically.

Dublix Engineering provided commissioning in 2001 at the Affald+Naestved plant on two lines 2 and 3 with air-cooled grates with a capacity of 4.5 t/h each, the project included:

  • Project completion management
  • Guarantee period management
  • Supply of grate parts

AffaldPlus+, Næstved, 1*8 ton waste/h and 2*4,5 waste/h

Waste to Energy

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