Arezzo A.I.S.A. SPA is located in the city of San Zeno close to the historical city of Arezzo 260 km north of the city of Rome in Italy.

The plant operates one combustion line with an annual combustion capacity of 38,000 tons of waste.

Dublix has delivered service and equipment since 2010 including:

  • Plant inspection
  • Supply of grate parts (2011)
  • Supply of the FuzEvent SW for energy master control (2013)
  • Supply of the DD-Jet for semiautomatic boiler cleaning operation (2013/14)
  • Supervision of grate installation during annual plant overhaul
  • Supply of a complete new DUB 3 grate including installation supervision (2013/14)
  • Design of Flue Gas Recirculation system, support during installation and commissioning
  • Supply of new grate carpet based on DUB 3 (2017)

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Arezzo AISA IMPIANTI, 1*4,75 ton waste/h

Waste to Energy

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