Achieved: 35 % more stable steam production, 4 % increased steam production and 95 % fully automatic control by FuzEvent

Bionerga, Houthalen

Bionerga, Houthalen is a Belgian Waste-to-Energy plant, built in 1984, burning household waste on two lines each with an 8.5 tons/hour capacity and equipped with Volund grates combined with rotary kiln.

Dublix Engineering has delivered services and products since 2007.

The FuzEvent Installation

The FuzEvent system is installed on both lines of the plant. The project was completed in 2007.

FuzEvent achieved:

  • A more stable steam production
  • An increased steam set-point by 3-4 %, providing heavily increased waste treatment capacity
  • 95 % of the time in automatic operation of all connected set-points, without operator intervention

The Service Contract

In order to achieve a continuous optimization of the plant by the FuzEvent system, the Bionerga plant has subscribed to a Service Contract since 2008 for long-term partnership.
Services included in the contract:

  • Engineering assistance per year by remote service, or visits at the plant
  • Identification of cause of operation related optimization problems
  • Remedy of operating trouble related to optimization
  • Installation of new versions of the FuzEvent software
  • Introduction to the functions of the FuzEvent system to the operational staff of the plant in connection with plant visits

Combustion System Upgrade.

Dublix Engineering has provided modifications to the secondary air injection on one of the combustion lines.
The Bionerga WtE Plant is located near the city of Houthalen in Belgium

Bionerga, Houthalen 2*8.5 ton waste/hour

Waste to Energy

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