Dublix was August 2014 selected to provide extensive support to Veolia UK. Dublix provided extensive engineering support to the biomass combustion plant installation located at Cameronbridge, Five, close to Newcastle, Scotland. The Cameronbridge Biomass plant is owned by DIAGEO the largest distillery in Scotland and this installation is playing an importtant role in the DIAGEO strategy to apply low carbon solutions.

The Cameronbridge Biomass combustion plant is operating an advanced fluid bed based combustion technology. The plant is equipped with fuel receiving facilities and complex transport and treatment facilities in order to bring approx 30 t/hour of the residual products "spent grain wash" from the nearby distillery production installation into the furnace. The steam production from the Biomass Combustion plant shall be used to produce power and the remaining steam shall be send to the distillery substituting other fuel sources.

Dublix was selected due to its expertise related to optimization of Biomass Combustion plants mainly in the following fields:

Combustion process expertise

Biomass fuel feeding systems

High level combustion control systems systems

The Fuel feeding system was commissioned during 2016 and the preformance test was sucessfully completed December 2016.


Cameronbridge, Fife, Leven


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