Crotone is an Italian biomass plant with vibrating grate.

Plant data
Nominal capacity fuel 18,3 t/h at 35% moisture
Max. continuous capacity fuel 19,7 t/h
Steam pressure and temperature 53 bar, 450 °C
Steam output at MCR is 55 t/h
Feed water temperature 120 oC
Boiler efficiency 85 %
Electricity output 12 MW
production start: 2001
Technology line 1; Volund: water cooled vibrating grate
Raw materials: biomass made of wood chips derived from forest maintenance and agri-food residuals coming from local and foreign markets; olive cake, PKS m (palm kernel shells)

In 2000 Dublix Engineering provided on line 1:
Project management
Guarantee period management
Arbitration assistance for turn key contractor



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