Successful use of DD-Jet System, flue gas temperature reduction 120°C 10 % more waste treatment capacity by FuzEvent

Hallingdal is a Norwegian Waste-to-Energy plant, built in 1985, burning household waste on one line of a 3.5 ton/hour capacity and equipped with a Volund grate.

The FuzEvent Installation
The project was completed in 2005 and has since then been inprooved further.  
The FuzEvent installation provided the following results:

  • CO emissions within EU limits,
  • 10% more throughput,
  • 100% automatic control, no set-points adjustments by the operators.

Supply of grate parts
Dublix has for more than 10 years been supplying grate parts for this plants.

The DD-Jet Installation
The project was successfully completed in August 2008. 4 nozzle injection holes were prepared in the boiler roof in order to clean the boiler at a rate of 15 minutes twice a week.
The DD-Jet installation provided a reduction of the flue gas temperature at the economizer by 120°C, which allows the plant to burn more waste.

The Service Contract
In order to achieve a continuous optimization of the plant by the FuzEvent system, the Hallingdal plant has subscribed to a Service Contract since 2008 for long-term partnership.
Services included in the contract:

  • Engineering assistance per year by remote service, internet logon, or visits at the plant;
  • Identification of cause of operation related optimization problems;
  • Remedy of operating trouble related to process optimization and mechanical areas;
  • Installation of new versions of the FuzEvent software;
  • Introduction to the functions of the FuzEvent system to the operational staff of the plant in connection with plant visits.


Hallingdal Renovasjon IS, 1*3,5 ton waste/hour

Waste to Energy

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