ICDI (inter-city waste collection organisation for the Charleroi region) to install one full automatic DD-Jet System for cleaning of the boiler on its new energy recovery boiler.

The new ICDI boiler unit will be capable to process the energy from up to 110,000 ton/year of municipal waste, the unit is expected to be in operation in 2018.

Dublix Engineering was selected as supplier of the boiler cleaning system by one of the European leading boiler manufacturing companies; Duro Đaković TEP  d.o.o., Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

The DD-Jet system shall be installed above the empty boiler passes and the unit shall clean the second pass of the boiler.

The DD-Jet system can be operated remotely from the control center as well as locally at the boiler roof. 

Boiler cleaning of this type has become of increased importance for most modern WtE plants in Europe as efficient cleaning systems can be used to optimize the steam production and reduce the need for plant stops required for boiler cleaning;

Direct effects of an efficient boiler cleaning with the DD-jet system are now recognized by many plant operators and suppliers to be a very profitable and safe method to optimize the plants, it is providing many key performance benefices;

  • maximize the boiler efficiency during the complete operational period by efficiently controlling critical flue gas boiler exit temperatures
  • reduce the risk of debris hitting the maintenance staff during plant shutdown
  • reduce the risk of corrosion by efficient and well controled fouling condition in the various cleaned boiler radiation passes and reduces the high temperature fouling in the super heater boiler sections
  • the automatic operation optimizes the use of man power during operation
  • is increasing the plant availability with less unplanned stops and less hours needed for manuel boiler cleaning during maintenance 
  • the return of investment is very short

Please contact Dublix Technology for more information about the DD-Jet boiler cleaning system eventually place your enquiry via our direct e-mail adress info [at] dublix.com


Reference Information

Project: ICDI Charleroi Belgium to install automatic DD-Jet system
Year: 2017

ICDI Charleroi Belgium to install automatic DD-Jet system