KaraKARA/NOVEREN I/S is a Danish Waste-to-Energy plant situated in the city Roskilde, burning household waste on 3 lines,; 2 lines each based on Volund grates and rotary kiln with a 7t/h capacity; built in 1980 and 1988, a newer line was built in 1999 with an W+E grate, the W+E based system is handling 20 t waste/h.

Plant Inspections Combustion system
Dublix Engineering has carried out several Plant Inspections on the Volund grate based lines, in order to achieve better plant operation.

Flue Gas Cleaning System Inspection
The flue gas cleaning system at KARA/NOVEREN I/S, handling the flue gas from the two Volund lines are based on the FLS GSA semidry FGC technology.
Dublix Engineering has 2007 conducted inspection on the GSA system on one line.

Rotary Kiln adjustments
Dublix Engineering has modified the operation of the rotary kiln in order to avoid upwards movement of the unit.

Furnace Grate Upgrade
Dublix Engineering conducted in March 2009 upgrades on one furnace grate by changing the water cooled grate to a modern air cooled grate, at the same time the unique automatic lateral grate tension units (spring loaded) applied for several similar installations.
The Water cooled grate needed renovation due to heavy wear and reduced availability of the water cooled grate. The renovation work was supervised by the engineers of Dublix Engineering A/S; the components for the new air cooled grate was successfully completed during 10 working days March 2009.

Boiler cleaning with DD-Jet Nozzle head
The plant have installed the advanced DD-Jet Nozzle Head on its W&E combustion line.

Kara / Noveren I/S, 2*7 ton waste/h & 1*20 ton waster/h

Waste to Energy

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