30% more stable combustion, reduction in CO emission levels, full operator accept.

Vafab Miljø AB (Norsaverket) is a Swedish Waste-to-Energy plant, built in 1972, is burning household waste on 1 line of a 5 ton/hour capacity and equipped with a Kockum grate.

The FuzEvent Installation
The FuzEvent project was completed in 2004 as one of the first installations on a WtE plant.
The combustion system on the the plant was heavily improved, the following main improvements were achieved:

  • 30% more stable combustion,
  • Heavily reduction in CO emission levels,
  • improved control of the fluegas temperature securing 2 seconds above 850°C limit.

The Vafab Miljø AB Waste to Energy plant
The Service Contract
In order to secure an ongoing focus on optimization by the FuzEvent system, The Köping management  has subscribed to a Service Contract since 2009 for long-term partnership.
The following services are included in the contract:  

  • Engineering assistance per year by remote service, internet logon, or visits at the plant;
  • Identification of cause of operation related optimization problems;
  • On line Internet access in order remotely to carry our trouble shooting and modifications
  • Remedy of operating trouble related to optimization;
  • Installation of new versions of the FuzEvent software;
  • Introduction to the functions of the FuzEvent system to new operational staff;
  • Training on-site the plant

Köping, Vafab Miljö AB, 1*5 ton waste/h

Waste to Energy

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