The  Zakład Termicznego Przekształcania Odpadów WtE plant located near Krakow, Poland is a modern conceived plant consisting of 2 identical incineration lines designed to produce 40 t/h of superheated steam at 420 °C and 38 bar. Each line burns, in average, 14 t/h of municipal solid waste. The produced steam is used partly for electricity production and partly to produce heat for the local district heating.
The furnace-and-boiler system is supplied by Doosan Lentjes and consists of a combustion zone with 3 grates fed by a ram and an integrated boiler with 3 passes, 5 superheaters and 5 economizers. The boiler is followed by a flue gas cleaning system comprising a semi-dry reactor, a dry reactor and a bagfilter.

Dublix delivered HighLevel combustion control based on the FuzEvent Technology. 

The improved operation support the operators to improve the existing combustion stability and maximize the plant waste treatment capacity.

The project was commissioned autum 2022.

The performance test expected to be completed May 2023.

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Krakow Plant, Zakład Termicznego Przekształcania Odpadów

Waste to Energy

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