LondonWaste Waste to Energy Plant

Dublix Engineering received February 2017 a contract to upgrade the combustion control at the LondonWaste Energy Recovery Facility also named EcoPark located in Edmonton north of London City, UK. In August 2017 the performance test was succesfully performed with a reduction of the steam flow fluctuation by over 20 % (standard deviation).

LondonWaste process around 400.000 ton of municipal and industrial waste annually on five combustion lines.

Dublix shall supply a full FuzEvent® installation on one combustion line on LondonWaste spring 2017

Dublix will provide: Process Expertise, Key Performance Indicator system, Combustion Control based on its High Level FuzEvent® Control System connected to the existing plant Valmet type Automation DCS system.

The overall purpose of the combustion control upgrade project is to obtain a more stable steam production, a higher annual plant throughput, better combustion temperature control with less needs for utility burner start and an overall positive effect on the plant availability such as less wear on refractory and other plant equipment. The new system shall be implemented in close collaboration with the plant operators and shall support the operators in the online combustion control activities.

for more information contact Dublix, Sales Director Asger Danielsen.

The picture below shows LondonWaste gate entrance. 

LondonWaste entrance

LondonWaste entrance