I/S Nordforbrænding, 3*3 ton waste/h & 1*10 ton waste/h

The plant upgraded with new DUB 3 grates and W&E grate parts.

I/S Nordforbrænding

I/S Nordforbrænding, Denmark, operates 4 combustion lines. Dublix has been supplying grate parts for all 4 combustion lines

Dublix supply included:

  • DUB 3 grate parts for one combustion line (2010)
  • Grate parts for one horizontal W&E grate combustion line (2010)
  • DUB 3 add on sales for two combustion lines (2011)
  • Supply of lateral grate tension system (2010)
  • Supervision for grate installation (2010-2012)
  • DD-Jet boiler cleaning equipment (2011-2014)
  • Service Contract on DD-Jet system (2014)

The plant has obtained heavily improved operation by applying the new DUB 3 grate on all old Volund lines.