Dublix received the first major order from China for the optimization a Waste to Energy plant (WtE) with a DD-Jet water jet boiler cleaning system. The plant is located in the city of Zhuhai in the southeast of China and built/operated by SUS-CITICPE. 

The DD-Jet system plays an important role in the optimized operation of this WtE plant. The self-propelled turning DD-jet cleaning system in the second pass improves the overall performance and availability of the plant. The reduction of flue gas temperatures in the second pass allows increased boiler load without affecting superheater corrosion.

WtE Plant in Zhuhai

Capacity: 2×600 t of waste per day (394,000 t of waste per year)
Operation: since 2016
Boiler/combustion system supplier: SUS-CITICPE

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Performance increase with DD-Jet water-jet cleaning in 2nd pass, WtE plant in Zhuhai, China

Waste to Energy

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