Upgrade of combustion system with two Martin grates and obtained capacity to treat waste with 20 % increased heating value.

Veolia, Mataro WtE plant

2010 TEM-UTE CONSTRUCTRUORA in corporation with Veolia Environmental Services selected Dublix Engineering A/S to carry out a major upgrade of the combustion system at its two Martin grate combustion lines. The Mataro plant has been in operation since 1994, with a capacity of approx. 10 tons of waste per hour on each combustion line. The plant is situated approx. 30 km north of the city of Barcelona, Spain.

The purpose of the upgrade was to prepare the plant to be able to handle 20 % increase of the heating value of the waste and remain the plant capacity at the same waste tonnage.

The upgraded Mataro WtE plant was back in operation 2011.

Please follow the link to watch a video presentation covering the construction work taking place 2010/11 at the Mataro plant. Follow this link to a plant presentation prepared by the owner.

The optimization project included the following activities and supplies:

  • Overall combustion stabilization for an increased PCI (solid waste fuel heating value)
  • Detailed Engineering ref.: Combustion System Upgrades
  • High Level Control based on the FuzEvent System, ref.: High-Level Control by FuzEvent
  • New improved secondary air injection system
  • Supply of new secondary air fans.
  • Primary air modifications
  • Instrumentation including advanced IR supervision camera indicating the temperature distribution on the grate surface
  • Installation and commissioning services.

Please download the case study from the installation here.

Below find the High Level overview picture from the Mataro plant including:

  • Live Combustion Diagram and

  • Grate surface temperature distribution

The picture below shows the Mataro plant, located near the coastline in the city of Mataro.

Veolia, Mataro WtE plant, 2*10 ton waste/h

Waste to Energy

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