The Veolia operated Labeuvrière plant consist of 3 combustion lines, Dublix  has supplied services to line 3.

Line 3 apply of a mix of 2 combustion grates and one burn out rotary kiln, the original technology from 1998 is supplied by the Danish plant builder Volund and has since then been upgraded to the new modern grate technology installed on the same basic grate structure.
Dublix has extensive experience about this type of combustion systems and can provide complete expertise and supply of new grate carpet based on the DUB 3 grate technology.

Dublix supply to this plant includes:

  • 1 Combustion optimization based on the unique FuzEvent waste feeding controller.
  • 2 DD-Jet Boiler Cleaning systems covering 3 boiler passes.
  • Engineering support in revamping of air cooled combustion chamber refractory.
  • Support to the maintenance of the grate and rotary kiln system

Veolia operated, Labeuvrière, ARTOIS COMM. 1*10 ton waste/h

Waste to Energy

50.527230192279, 2.564327681846