DD-JET Boiler Cleaning

60-120°C temperature reduction at boiler outlet. The DD-Jet system applies a unique water based boiler surface cleaning technique which uses very limited water for great effect.

The DD-Jet Cleaning System is an on-line cleaning system for the radiation passes of boilers, found in Waste to Energy incinerators and Biomass combustion plants. The system is installed on more than 25 WtE plants in Europe.
The DD-Jet sents 4-6 concentrated water jet beams from the rotating advanced patented turbine nozzle complex. The DD-Jet nozzle system provides the necessary water amount in concentrated water beams at only 2 bar preassure, enough to secure effective cleaning of the boiler surfaces, without exessive water usage.


Pictures from boiler cleaned regularly with the DD-Jet system.

The DD-Jet it is a very powerfull alternative to conventionl so called shower cleaning systems, the DD-Jet system works by sending a precise concentrated water beam at the boilers hot surfaces. The impact of the water on the hot surfaces causes the water to turn into steam. The water to steam expansion provides a pressure wave that is highly efficient to remove the fouling from the fly ash on the boiler surface.


Above is shown the flexible type of the DD-Jet Nozzle that head can enter boilers with complex bended injection tubes.

Below you find the optimized DD-Jet Nozzle Head that provide max. safety against obstruction i.e. sharp korners etc. in the injectoun tube.

DDJNH type R

DD-Jet Nozzle head

The DD-JET system reduces the fluegas temperature at boiler outlet typical between 60 to 120 DegC.
The DD-Jet Cleaning System provides a very efficient cleaning effect, 6 meters from the DD-Jet nozzle head.
Please see our UK DD-Jet Brochure or French DD-Jet Brochure for more information.


Typical full automatic DD-Jet system installed on the boiler roof, very efficient on boiler roofs with limited space around the unit and low free hight.