Volund Grate Upgrade to State of the Art Design

A classical Vølund grate can be upgraded to provide a much better combustion performance.

Dublix offers a full range of services in order to upgrade your classical Volund grate to State of the Art design.


The new DUB 3 grate provides a very attractive possibility for a life extension for your existing clasical Volund combustion grate.




 7 important reasons for selecting the DUB 3 grate system.

  1. Proven design: The DUB 3 grate combustion system is based on well proven grate system, recently reengineered and up to date providing state of art solution characterized by; high grate pressure drop and very low riddling throughout the complete operational period.
  2. Combustion Air Control: The DUB 3 grate combustion system provides low CO and low NOx levels; it operates with supreeme air distribution resulting in low exec air providing high boiler efficiency.
  3. Long Lasting components: The DUB 3 grate combustion system provides unique features such as; optimized lateral grate carpet tension system and long lasting support rollers for drive mechanism.
  4. Long Maintenacne Intervals: The DUB 3 grate combustion system has high availability typically > 3 years without need for major grate carpet exchange.
  5. Rapid Maintenance: The DUB 3 grate carpet is easy to install and repair, low single component weight < 20 kg, the exchange of the grate carpet is done from the above the grate, reducing the maintenance period and avoid heavy load on workers.
  6. Extensive Operating Range: Can be selected for a large variation of fuel categories, range of heat values and ash types.
  7. Unlimited Grate Carpet Configuration: Can be configured for specific client requirements, such as air penetration level and air distribution through the different grate carpet sections.

Please do not hesitate to forward your request for a visit/revamping of your classical Vølund grate system, clic here!