High-Level Control by FuzEvent

Key reasons to use FuzEvent®

Improvement to steam flow stability. Below the impact of FuzEvent® can be seen, by comparing the two seperate periods, one with FuzEvent® controlling the process during 2 days, and one period without FuzEvent® controlling the process.

During FuzEvent® in control this plant shows at least 50% less amplitudes in the steam fluctustions. 

IVOO performance.png

  1. The FuzEvent® system consistently controles the process operation at the level of the best operators
  2. FuzEvent® stabilize the combustion process by > 20-50%
  3. The FuzEvent® technology has been on the market for more than 15 years
  4. A FuzEvent® project has a return on investment of less than a few month

General FuzEvent Statement.png

The combustion process in a WtE, Biomass or conventional Power Combustion plant involves long delays and slow reaction time. These processes are not easy to control with classical PID loop controllers and require 100% focused, well trained operators who must act precise and very important at the right moment in order to obtain maximal plant performance. The operation is highly dependent on variations in the fuel and the actual conditions of the plant.
Even minor process instability can have a major effect on the plant operation and the profitability. The option of implementing an optimization project is often overlooked, despite being a tremendously beneficial implementation.

The FuzEvent® System is the ultimate operator assistant. The starting point for the design is to apply the same behavior as the best operators and thereby achieve unique results when it reacts correctly 24/7. Implementation of FuzEvent® is always done in close collaboration with the operators from whom extremely important plant operational expertise is integrated into the project.

As the FuzEvent® is controlling the process similar or better than the Operators we call it High Level Control.

FuzEvent® has 100 % patience and keeps the focus round the clock. It does not replace the operators but helps handling "routine" daily work when the plant conditions are within the defined Operational Window (OW). FuzEvent® is typically handling all critical combustion related actions during more than 95% of the time, a high RunFactor is one of the most important key performance indication, when the RunFactor is high e.g. > 90%  it shows that the daily Operatoris accepting the work done by the FuzEvent® system.

During periods with extreme situations outside the OW, the operator can always decide to switch from FuzEvent® to direct manual or PID control mode.


The above display show live Key Performance Indicators at the WtE Plant Vert le Grand, Paris.

The FuzEvent® is able to provide substantial improvement in the combustion stability, more stable operation can directly be reflected into increased plant performance generating more than 5% higher steam production, 20% less flue gas temperature variations, 20 % improved efficiency of the flue gas treatment system, and 5% increased overall longterm plant efficiency. 
The long-term consequences of a more stable operation are; reduced thermal load on equipment, reduced thermal fluctuations, lower wear on all critical components.
The results from these are lower maintenance costs and fewer unscheduled plant outages, all adding considerable to the overall plant capacity.

FuzEvent® implementation features;

  • Installation and commissioning of the FuzEvent® system does not require DCS/Control system stops, and therefore no related loss of production
  • FuzEvent® can be integrated within any existing DCS/Plant Control system regardless of manufacturer and brand
  • Stepwise structured implementation of the FuzEvent® control strategies, provides high safety during commissioning
  • Library of advanced control strategies is an important part of the FuzEvent® project and makes the implementation efficient
  • Guaranteed plant performance increase directly related to profit

FuzEvent® offers flexible control strategies.

  • Capable to handle heavy fluctuations in fuel quality
  • On WtE plants; capacity improves of higher than 5%, with better burn out quality of poor fuel
  • On Biomass plants; more flexibility in terms of fuel quality variations
  • On Coal Combustion plants; faster load changes and change in coal qualities

Other strong advantages with FuzEvent®.

  • Reduced the use of additives in the Flue Gas Treatment Systems
  • Apply additional support on top of the existing classical PID controllers
  • Faster training of new operators
  • No BLACK BOX concept, but OPEN BOX control strategies
  • High Operator acceptance as they understand the FuzEvent® control strategies
  • Long-term low cost FuzEvent® service including on request Internet based online support