FuzEvent Product Introduction

The FuzEvent® High Level Control Tool for Process Optimization

FuzEvent® is a System for process optimization through High Level Control. A FuzEvent control strategy helps the process operator to improve the operation of the process in terms of; higher throughput, better plant stability and less harmful emissions to the environment.

FuzEvent® is including a dedicated software tool for making control strategies rather than for making controllers.

The starting point for implementing a control philosophy in FuzEvent® is knowledge about manual control of the process in order to implement automatic operation of the plant > 90% of the time.

FuzEvent® is particular usefull for processes having long step response, e.g. fuel feeding systems.

Like an experienced operator; the FuzEvent® system is capable to follow multiple process input signals make the correct control actions in due time and have the patience to see the final result before making the next action.

FuzEvent® is structured on an open software system platform, which enables the user to develop advanced control strategies and to carry out modifications during full plant operation.

The configuration and maintenance of the control strategies does not require extensive programming knowledge. When implementation the FuzEvent® system, it is much more important to have process knowledge and practical process control experience than having programming background.

FuzEvent® is a tool for the process Operator Specialist rather than a tool for programmers.

The FuzEvent Control Pyramid

The FuzEvent® system is easy integrated into an existing DCS system.
The FuzEvent® system requires no changes in the existing DCS control structure.