Technical Information

The FuzEvent tool

The FuzEvent system is a software tool for configuration of advanced control algorithm in order to implement complete plant optimization applications handling on up to 4 complete process units, each unit can be; a Waste to Energy combustion line, Biomass Combustion line or a boiler on a Coal Power Plant.

The FuzEvent system is using an open structure in order to maintain the important insight for operators and plant specialists about the implemented process control strategy including on-line dynamic information of the actual active control strategies.

One application for a Process Unit can be structured as shown below; Each EventX is handling the advanced control algorithms for one specific control tasks:

FuzEvent Manual 004.jpg

The FuzEvent system runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. The package includes an OPC client (Standard for Open Productivity & Connectivity available in any new DCS, SCADA or Control System), which facilitates communication with the server of the existing control system.

The FuzEvent software may run in a server or client PC of the existing control system, or it may be implemented in a separate computer, which communicates with the OPC server via the plant control Ethernet. The communication structure for the FuzEvent system is shown below.

FuzEvent DCS Communication.png