The FuzEvent System Control Modules


The FuzEvent® Control Module structure

The FuzEvent® System provides a tool where the knowledge established at the client combustion plant is merged with Dublix process expertise achieved during many years from similar plants.

The FuzEvent® system can be configured to control parts of the process only such as; fuel feeding, energy production, primary air & secondary air, emissions.

Each of these so-called Control Modules can operate independently or as a unified holistic system.

Integration of the complete FuzEvent® set of Control Modules is forming a complete application e.g. covering a full scale combustion line.

The structured stepwise implementation is made in close collaboration with the plant management and the operators.

A stepwise implementation is an efficient method to verify communication systems, other operator interface functions and validate the interaction between different computer systems e.g. DCS, PLC and the FuzEvent® Computer etc.

FuzEvent Control Modules:

  • FuzEvent® Fuel Feeding Control
  • FuzEvent® Combustion Grate Control


  • FuzEvent® Combustion Air Control
  • FuzEvent® Mist Water Cooling Control
  • FuzEvent® Emission Control

FuzEvent Support Modules:

  • FuzEvent® Combustion Capacity Support System
  • FuzEvent® Advanced Infrared Instrument Support System
  • FuzEvent® Key Performance Indicator System