Combustion System Upgrades

Dublix provides upgrades to various combustion systems burning difficult fuels such as; waste, straw, bargasse and other materials.

The upgrades cover the full range from; equipment supply, mechanical modifications and combustion control system re-engineering.

  • The focus is always on achieving better overall control of the combustion process
  • The return on investment is typical between 3-6 month

Dublix combustion system options include:

  • Upgrading of grate mechanics and castings with new advanced features
  • Design manufacturing and installation of new mechanical features
  • Improved secondary and primary air injection configuration
  • Cooling water spray mixed in the secondary air jet
  • Flue gas recirculation
  • Primary air preheating
  • Improved instrumentation
  • Process optimization on operator level

The expected results for such upgrades are increased plant capacity with 5-10% due to:

  1. Coordinated combustion control
  2. Improved control of furnace temperature
  3. More energy release in boiler
  4. Focus on excess air and O2 control
  5. Improved overall efficiency of the boiler
  6. Improved burn out of CO, less NOx emission
  7. More efficient flue gas cleaning with less use of additives
  8. Less flue gas flow fluctuations and better flue gas temperature control