Service Contract References


2017, France
The Vert le Grand WtE Plant optimized with FuzEvent Software on two WtE combustion lines, the plant is operated by Semardel, located 40 km south of Paris, France.
2015, United Kingdom
Viridor one of UK´s large ERF/WtE plant operators and waste treatment companies has during many years been operating the Bolton ERF plant. 
2013, Belgium
Achieved: 5 % increase in plant capacity equal to 4.000 ton more treated waste per year, 98 % automatic combustion control on FuzEvent
2013, Belgium
Achieved: 35 % more stable steam production, 4 % increased steam production and 95 % fully automatic control by FuzEvent
2011, Denmark
One WtE combustion line and flue gas cleaning system equipped with FuzEvent 2006.
2011, Spain
Upgrade of combustion system with two Martin grates and obtained capacity to treat waste with 20 % increased heating value.
2009, Belgium
FuzEvent operating two combustion lines, more than 5000 ton/year increased waste treatment capacity. 100 % operator acceptance of high level control.
2008, Norway
Successful use of DD-Jet System, flue gas temperature reduction 120°C 10 % more waste treatment capacity by FuzEvent


2015, United Kingdom
Dublix was August 2014 selected to provide extensive support to Veolia UK. Dublix provided extensive engineering support to the biomass combustion plant installation located at Cameronbridge, Five, close to Newcastle, Scotland.