Service Contracts

Dublix provides services in all its product areas:

  • Optimization systems

  • Combustion systems, grates and other equipment

  • Boiler cleaning systems

Optimization systems:

Experience shows that it is crucial to perform maintenance and update on installed systems in order to secure the best possible long-term operation of our technology.

A FuzEvent based operator support system has a strong impact on the daily work done by the operators. It is therefore very profitable to keep the operators updated about the functions and constantly improve the system based on new ideas from the operators and state of the plant.

  • Online internet connection to Dublix headquarters, which facilitates any necessary service maintenance of clients' computer systems or operation of the combustion process
  • One or more annual visits at the plant, to discuss and plan major improvements of the plant and to train eventual new operator staff. During service visits, implementation of minor adjustments can take place

  • Service contracts tailor-made for the individual client's needs

Combustion systems, grates and other equipment:

The operation of combustion grates and all equipment around the furnace must constantly be kept in optimal function in order to maximize the efficient of the combustion process, Dublix provides:


  • Inspection services and proposal for next maintenance activities
  • Supervision of maintenance work
  • Annually renewed service contracts



Boiler cleaning systems:

Installing a DD-Jet system is an important tool for keeping the boiler efficiency at the highest level. A DD-Jet system can improve the availability of the complete boiler complex.

Dublix provides:

Vaasa installation.jpg

  • Day to day service on installed systems and components
  • Onsite inspection and maintenance
  • Annually renewed service contracts