Improved Combustion Grates

The core process in waste-to-energy plants (WTE) is the combustion system with the mechanical grate and the combustion air  supply (primary and secondary air). Dublix has effective solutions for the upgrade of the combustion systems of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Engineered solutions :

  • grate inspections
  • analysis of major issues
  • roadmap for improved design

Improved grate bars for the major WTE systems:

  • DUB 3™ for classical Volund grates
  • Improved parts for DynaGrates
  • EVOLUTION™ for reverse acting type grates
    (in cooperation with SafeCronite)

Upgrades and renewal:

  • Combustion grates
  • Waste chutes and feeder systems
  • Ash and riddling dischargers

Why WtE plants choose the DUB 3 combustion grate


Reduction of riddlings


Reduced maintenance time during outage


Extenden operation without major replacement


Reduced cost for grate exchange


The inspection of a Waste-to-Energy plant will typically take place in 2 steps. The first step consists of a visit during normal operation, where Dublix will carry out the following procedures:

  • Mechanical inspection from outside of the furnace
  • Evaluation of the combustion process
  • Identification of limitations and possible areas of improvements
  • Discussion with the plant management about the current operation versus their wishes

A report will be issues after this first step, which presents the findings from the inspection and highlights areas with strong optimization potential.

The second step is a visit during a planned shutdown of the plant, where Dublix will carry out the following procedures:

  • Inspection of the combustion system; definition of various emergency repairs and fine tuning activities
  • Registry of the various identified elements which require repair or upgrades at the next shutdown, with suggestions to a prioritized intervention plan

From this detailed inspection, Dublix will be able to offer the best solutions for the plant optimization. The plant can choose to use Dublix as supervisor, alternatively Dublix can take the full responsibility for the implementation.


Dublix - DUB 3 Grate, new on market

  • DUB 3 is a new modern grate design based on many years of experience
  • DUB 3 provides specific solutions and upgrades for waste-to-energy plants equipped with a classical Volund grate.
  • DUB 3 provides very optimal combustion control with high grate pressure drop
  • DUB 3 have very low annual wear on grate carpet - 3 years operation without exchange of grate parts
  • DUB 3 have very low riddling level

Selected References

54.772821, 11.871682

• Waste to Energy •

43.446624, 11.9090894

• Waste to Energy •

54.6140429, -1.2953309

• Waste to Energy •
United Kingdom

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Q&A for DUB 3

How long time has the DUB 3 grate system been used on WtE plants?

The DUB 3 grate combustion system is a unique and trouble-free construction, implemented first time by Dublix 2010 with numerous of efficiently operating  references during the following years.

Does the DUB 3 grate require major changes to the Classic Vølund grate?

The DUB 3 grate combustion system can fit 100% to the proven  Classic Vølund grate layout, DUB 3 recently reengineered and up to date providing state of the art solution characterized by; high grate pressure drop and very low riddling throughout the complete operational period.

Will the DUB 3 Combustion Grate have any influence on the emission levels from the combustion?

The DUB 3 grate combustion system provides lower CO and lower NOx levels, operates with lower excess air providing higher boiler efficiency compared to the classic Vølund grate.

What are the most new features in the DUB 3 Combustion Grate system?

The DUB 3 grate combustion system provides unique features such as; more even air distribution, optimized lateral grate carpet adjustment system, improved side sealing and long lasting support rollers for drive mechanism.

How is the DUB 3 Grate availability? 

The DUB 3 Grate system is providing >3 times less grate carper wear, very often no major grate part exchange is required within a 3 years operation period.

How are the most important DUB 3 installation improvements?

The DUB 3 grate carpet is easy to install and repair; the exchange of the grate carpet is done from the grate top side, each single grate component weight is less than 20 kg avoiding heavy load on workers and in general reducing the required maintenance period.

Can the DUB 3 Grate system handle high calorific waste?

The DUB 3 grate carpet can be selected for large variation of fuel categories, range of heat values and ash types. It can be configured for specific client requirements, such as air penetration levels through the different grate carpet sections as well as can be delivered with special required alloy quality.