Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

Customers satisfaction is of outmost importance to Dublix. Our success depends on the success of our customers and we therefore consider long term relationships for crucial for how we operate.

We have collected Business Case Stories from the following customers:

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IVOO Waste to Energy Plant, Oostende, Belgium

2*5 Ton/h WtE Plant operating FuzEvent on a Seghers Combustion grate system since 2011

Plant operation FuzEvent on two WtE combution lines each with 5 ton/h capacity:

  • The result of the implemented system in 2011 was impressive. We have obtained 10% more electricity production and the waste treatment capacity has increased by 6.5% registered each year during the first two years of operation.
  • The annual waste treatment capacity was increased with total 4.000 ton/year.

Fons Doms, Plant Manager

UTE-TEM Mataro Waste to Energy Plant

2*10 Ton/h WtE Plant operating FuzEvent High Level Control on Martin Combustion grate system since 2011.

After more than 3 years of operation our conclusions are:

  • The FuzEvent handles the complete combustion control with very high efficiency
  • FuzEvent is fully accepted by the operators and is controlling more than 95% of the time
  • The plant is able to handle very high CV values (2800-2900 Kcal/kg)
  • The Advanced IR camera provides important useful information for the FuzEvent combutions control and the operators

Alba SEGURA, Plant Manager

Bionerga, Waste to Energy Plant, Houthalen, Belgium

2*6 Ton/h WtE Plant operating FuzEvent High Level Combustion Control system since 2008.

Plant operating two WtE combution lines each with 6 tons/h capacity

The FuzEvent has since 2008 had an up-time of more than 95% in automatic controls of most important combustion parameters

  • The steam flow setpoint was increased by more than 2% which has given significantly higher waste treatment capacity.
  • The long term cooperation with Dublix has always been splendid and is covered by 20-25 hour annual service including one onsite visit.
  • Increased stability has resulted in lowered use of consumables (lime) in the flue gas cleaning.
  • The system has successfully been running with high stability for many years
  • The operators don't like to work without FuzEvent anymore.

Maarten Meersschaert, Site Manager

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IVM Eeklo, Waste to Energy Plant, Belgium

2*6 Ton/h WtE Plant operating FuzEvent High Level Combustion Control system since 2008.

  • Since the FuzEvent installation in 2008, the average annual capacity has increased 5-6000t waste (7%).
  • There is full accept from the operators and the FuzEvent system is active more than 99% of the time
  • The main reason for successful installation is that the system does not require accurate flow measurements on primary and secondary air
  • Support burner fuel consumption has decreased by 200 t/year

Johan Haegeman, Production Manager

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