BoosterSteam nozzles in overfire air

BoosterSteam™ - CO  reduction with steam injection through secondary air 

The BoosterSteam technology consists of installing steam injection ports in the secondary air nozzles. The supersonic injection of steam has a very intense effect of mixing which allows a better burnout of the CO. This also results in a potential reduction of secondary air flow, flue gas flow/velocity and flue gas temperatures at superheater inlet. Overall increased performance as well as reduced fouling and corrosion are further consequence. The Technology was developed at the Muellkratwerk Schwandorf by Joerg Krueger and is successfully operated there for over 5 years.

BoosterSteam system at Müllkraftwerk Schwandorf
BoosterSteam system (boiler house side) connected to secondary air nozzles