Sulfation generator- Injecting sulfur based products with secondary air

SulfGen™ - Prevention of fouling and corrosion with a sulfation generator

The sulfation generator is a new technology, which consist of the injection a sulfur based reactant through the secondary air.  This is done in a way, that chlorides on fly ash and deposits are efficiently transformed to sulphates. Stickiness of fly ash and hardness of deposits are drastically reduced. Customers say: Deposits are now “Removable with a brush” at outages. This effect is due to the increased melting point when alkali chlorides are transformed to sulphates. Particularly relevant for reduced corrosion are the sulfation of heavy metal chlorides with increased melting temperatures. The Technology was developed by Joerg Krueger at the Klingele plant in Weener and is successfully operated there for over 5 years with Secondary Recovered Fuel (SRF).

Diagram showing increased melting points of Zn compounds with sulfatation



In flue gas

Fly ash and deposits

Benefit O&M

Normal WTE

Sulfur in waste


slow sulfatation

little effect on fouling and corrosion

Sulfatation Generator

SulfGen reactant through generator at secondary air


fast sulfatation

Chlorides --> Sulfates + HCl

Stickiness of fly ash and hardness of deposits drastically reduced.