More Effective Boiler Operation

A more contaminated boiler causes:

  • Increased risk of corrosion
  • Risk of blockage of the flue gas flow
  • Further needs for unplanned plant shutdowns

Dublix offers the following product/services to solve this problem:

  • Cooling water spray mixed in the secondary air jet from the furnace roof nozzles to use as an emergency tool to control the furnace temperature when it tends to run too high in spite of the traditional control measures
  • DD-Jet boiler cleaning system is keeping the energy exchange efficiency in the complete operational period
  • FuzEvent High-Level control system for a more stable combustion control in all situations
  • Mechanical redesign and upgrade of the secondary/primary air system
  • Redesign of boiler structure to state of art design standard

The achieved results are:

  • Improved control of boiler temperature by 50-100 degC and provide reduction of flue gas temperature to super heaters
  • Less needs for excess cooling air (10% reduction in O2 levels) and thereby provide a more efficient operation of the boiler
  • Heavily reduced need for explosion cleaning of the boiler
  • Better availability of the boiler by 50 % longer operation between boiler cleaning or repair
  • 10 % more efficiency of the flue gas cleaning system


Boiler cleaned with DD-Jet

Section of a large boiler at WtE plant cleaned with DD-Jet, very clean also in the corners