Optimal Combustion Control

Why need an automatic combustion control?

At most WTE/biomass combustion plants only a few very experienced operators can handle the combustion process optimal during longer periods. Most operators consider this a very demanding and troublesome task. Therefore, a high-level control system that operates the combustion of the plant in the same way as the most experienced operator can be a good option.

Dublix consider a system that can operate the plant like the best operator most of the time as the ultimate goal.


Why choose FuzEvent?

Dublix, with its FuzEvent High-Level control system, offers a control system that takes actions in due time and make the next move when the process has reacted on the previous control action - just like an experienced operator would do.
FuzEvent is easily modified to cope with changing plant conditions and whent the plant want to check new ideas for a more efficient combustion control and operation at the plant.
The FuzEvent system is open for the users it does not contain a black box philosophy. The details in the operation are designed in close interaction with the operators during the design meeting
The final implementation is designed specificically to cope with the demands on your WtE/biomass plant.

The FuzEvent keeps the operators in charge of the process. The FuzEventy system is an efficient tool to secure the work done by operators to become much more efficient.

What are the achievements?

Typically, a FuzEvent system obtains more than 90% real automatic control of all connected set-points.

As a result of a more stable combustion process, your WtE or biomass combustion plant typically gains:

  • 5-10% increased plant throughput
  • 20-30% less steam flow fluctuation
  • Less wear on the mechanical parts and thereby increased plant availability
  • Better control of combustion emissions (CO, NOx, etc) and less violation of the 850°C/2 sec requirement
  • 10-20% reduced lime consumption in the Flue Gas Cleaning systems
  • Better bottom ash burn out quality