A More Effective WtE Plant

All along the combustion process, some adjustments and upgrades can be made to maximize the amount of steam/energy produced by the waste and as a result, generate a higher profit for the plant.

Pay back of investment is often 6 month after completed commissioning.

A lower efficiency in the plant is often caused by:

  • Mechanical wear on some parts of the furnace
  • Residuals accumulating at the surface of the boiler, creating an isolation lining and having a double consequence: a lesser steam/energy production and  an increased temperature in the boiler
  • Ineffective secondary and primary air control causes  wrong combustion distribution on the grate surface and low efficiency of the complete combustion system
  • Operators having problems in controlling the waste feeding due to long time delays in the process

Dublix can solve those issues with the following services/products:

  • Combustion system upgrades and repairs
  • The DD-Jet boiler cleaning system for efficient cleaning of the boiler during operation
  • The FuzEvent High-Level control system for more unified (round the clock) control of the combustion system: