Fixing Equipment Bottlenecks

The WtE plant might be facing various equipment bottlenecks that are constraining the operation of the plant, such as:

The primary or secondary air fans are too small, resulting in a reduced capacity of the plant. This problem can very often be solved by an improved combustion control before installing a new fan or, if possible, by installing another impeller in the fan for higher pressure.

The boiler is too small, resulting in a too high fluegas temperature at the boiler outlet. This problem can very often be solved by implementing an improved boiler cleaning system in the first (empty) passes of the boiler. Other solutions such as a new boiler configuration providing a better temperature control can be applied prior to implementations of extensive boiler modifications.

Too high flue gas flow throug the flue gas cleaning system is limiting the plant operating capacity. This problem can very often be reduced or solved by implementing better combustion control and better boiler operation.