Better Control of the Flue Gas Temperature into the Boiler

High flue gas temperatures to the first boiler sections

A too high flue gas temperature before the boiler will create more sticky flying ashes that will accumulate on the surface of the boiler and force more frequent boiler cleaning stops.

Too high temperature is  often caused by an insufficient combustion control.

Dublix' solutions to such problem are:

  • Improved secondary air injection operation
  • Cooling water spray mixed in the secondary air as an emergency tool to control the furnace temperature when it tends to run too high
  • FuzEvent High-Level control system for a better control of energy production, and combustion air distribution
  • Improved combustion grate design providing a better primary air distribution and recuced O2 level.

The achieved results are:

  • Improved control of high furnace temperature
  • 30 % more stable operation of the boiler
  • 5-10% improved boiler efficiency