Better Control of the Flue Gas Temperature before the Convection Parts

Better flue gas temperature control

The flue gas temperature before entering the convection parts of the boiler must be under approx. 600°C for optimal operation.

A too high temperature is caused by:

  • A too high flue gas temperature at the inlet (refer to flue gas temperature into the Boiler)
  • residues accumulating at the surface of the convection parts of the boiler, creating an isolation lining and having a double consequence: a lesser steam/energy production, and a higher flue gas temperature

Dublix can solve this problem by installing the DD-Jet Cleaning system for one or several of the empty passes of the boiler.

The achieved results are:

  • A temperature at the boiler outlet reduced with 80 to 120°C
  • A better operation of the boiler and the flue gas cleaning system
  • More energy being generated from the circulating flue gas