Better Control of the Flue Gas Temperature out of the Boiler

Too high Temperature out of the boiler complex

High flue gas temperature out of the boiler is reducing the reducing the plant efficiency.

High temperature can be caused by residues accumulating at the surface of radiation- or convection boiler sections.

Dublix' solutions to such problem are:

  • Cooling water spray mixed in the secondary air jet from the furnace roof nozzles to use as an emergency tool to control the furnace temperature when it tends to run too high in spite of the traditional control measures
  • DD-Jet boiler cleaning system for radiation boiler parts cleaning
  • FuzEvent High-Level control system for more stable operation
  • Mechanical check-up of the convection parts cleaning system
  • Explosion based cleaning of the convection part of the boiler

The achieved results are:

  • 30% more stable boiler operation
  • Reduced excess air level in flue gas increasing the boiler efficiency with 3-7%
  • 5-10% Better operation of boiler and flue gas cleaning system due to improved flue gas temperature control
  • 60 to 120°C reduced flue gas temperature at radiation boiler outlet
  • Better cleaned radiation  parts of the boiler reducing boiler corrosion
  • Longer operation between cleaning stops required for manual cleaning
  • Less load on the induced draft fan due to lower flugas amount