Fewer Plant Shutdowns

Plant shutdowns for cleaning and repair shall be short

Plant shutdowns for cleaning and repair of the equipment should be swift and unplanned stops limited: for each hour that the plant is not burning waste, it is not generating profit.

Long/frequent plant shutdowns are often caused by:

  • Repairs of equipment in the furnace, like damaged combustion grate components and refractory repair
  • Repair of boiler tubes
  • Low quality in the installed grate carpet due low quality components
  • Cleaning of the exposed equipment, especially the boiler and the parts under the grate carpet

Dublix offers the following products/services to fix these problems:

  • Supply of reengineered high quality combustion grate systems
  • DD-Jet system for on-line boiler cleaning, during plant operation (even at full capacity)
  • FuzEvent control system for better combustion control providing less fluctuations in the combustion control causing less wear on components
  • Redesign of poor designed boiler and economizer sections