Getting a More Stable Operation

Getting a More Stable Operation

Unstable operation is typically visible in fluctuations in the steam or electricity production. Such instability can cause severe profit loss for the plant.

Such problem can occur as a result from different causes, such as:

  • Diversity in the fuel quality (wet, dry, etc)
  • Too slow interaction by operators
  • Too slow or too fast reaction to new process situations by the existing control system

Dublix provides the following products and services to solve this problem:

  • Feasibility study with interview with the operators to re-design the system to your plant
  • FuzEvent system for High-Level control of the operation
  • Information and co-operation with the plant for the implementation of FuzEvent
  • Operator training sessions where Dublix specialist trains the operator staff
  • Long term operational support for training of new staff

The achieved results are:

  • Pay back of investment 6 month or less
  • Process stability improvement, typically 20-30% reduction of the variation of steam flow
  • For each 10% improvement in process stability,  typical energy production goes up by 1-2%
  • More efficient removal of HCl and SO2 in the fluegas cleaning system, with less lime, carbon etc and reduced generation of residuals
  • Less wear on process equipment
  • Fewer unscheduled plant stops required