Better Handling of Various Types of Waste

Real automatic combustion control also when the waste is difficult!

The problem with difficult waste:

Diversity in the type of waste burnt implies a constant change in the operation process to burn properly each type of waste.
Once the change in the waste quality has been identified the operator or the actual control system has to adapt the set-points for the combustion to be effective.
Many implemented control concepts cannot handle those “abnormal” situations, and control has to be taken over by the operator.

The difficult waste:

  • (Very) wet or (very) dry
  • Uneven ratio between Industry or municipal waste
  • Frequent changes between large “solid” waste fractions to smaller easy (faster) burning fractions
  • Changes in the heating value of the waste varies due to the wether/season of the year
  • Difficulties in classifying the fuel is expected to become more complicated in the future when all recyclable parts have been taken out

Dublix' solutions are:

  • A FuzEvent control concept is able to notice such difficult waste and on short notice apply the proper adjustments to the combustion control
  • A Priority Management System build into the FuzEvent system allows the system to handle abnormal situations in the best way as an experienced operator

The results of a better reaction on the Difficult Waste situation:

  • The result of an effective handling of the diversity in the type of waste is a better combustion control for all types of waste.
  • The fast reaction on the waste quality change results in faster stabilisation to the new situation