Mobile Unit

Dublix can use a manual operated unit to carry out a DD-Jet test directly at your plant.

The mobile unit weights approximately 40 kg, and is mounted on wheels to allow easy movement from one hole to the next. A typical cleaning sequence lasts 5-10 minutes per hole with 50-60 l/min water consumption.

The following boiler modifications and supply requirements need to be previously done in order to be able to carry out a DD-Jet test:

  • One or several holes (minimum ø 8,5 cm) on the boiler roof to allow access to all the parts of the furnace wall;
  • Connection to water of 2-3 bar on the boiler roof;
  • Connection to power of 380 VAC / 500 Watt on the boiler roof.

If you are interested in running a test at your plant, contact us via the Contact Form.