Boiler Cleaning References


2017, Belgium
ICDI (inter-city waste collection organisation for the Charleroi region) to install one full automatic DD-Jet System for cleaning of the boiler on its new energy recovery boiler. The new ICDI boiler unit will be capable to process the energy from up to 110,000 ton/year of municipal waste, the unit is expected to be in operation in 2018.
2017, Ireland
Indaver Meath is a Waste to Energy plant located close to Dublin, Ireland, the plant operates one combustion line and was commissioned in 2012 with a waste treatment capacity of 200.000 ton annually, the plant is highly focused on energy recovery. 
2017, Norway
Returkraft A/S is a Waste to Energy plant located in the city Kristiansand in the south of Norway, the plant operate one combustion line was commissioned in 2010 with a waste treatment capacity of 130.000 ton anually. 
2017, Italy
AISA IMPIANTI Arezzo A.I.S.A. SPA is located in the city of San Zeno close to the historical city of Arezzo 260 km north of the city of Rome in Italy. The plant operates one combustion line with an annual combustion capacity of 38,000 tons of waste. Dublix has delivered service and equipment since 2010 including:
2016, France
The SOVALEM Plant is operated by Veolia France, it is located in Montereau Fault Yonne 90 km south east of Paris, France, The plant is operating one combustion line of 9,5 ton waste/hour. The DD-Jet Nozzle head has been installed on this plant and is an important element the efficeint operation of the boilers on this plant and has substituted regular explosion cleaning on the plant.
2016, France
The plant SAREN operated by Veolia, France, is located in Sarcelles just north of Paris, France, The plant is operating two combustion lines each of 10 ton waste/hour, the steam data is 310 degC at 33 bar. The DD-Jet systems installed on this plant play an important role in the efficeint operation of the boilers on this plant.
2016, Italy
The ACSM-AGAM spa Waste to Energy plant was established in 1969, the plant has since then undergone several upgrades and is today a modern WtE incineration plant operating 2 combustion lines and processes approximately 90.000 tons waste per year. For an overview of the plant's history, please use this link.
2015, South Korea
Dublix partner in South Korea; GEQ Solution has entered a major upgrade project on the Dong Yang WtE Plant. GEQ Solution has selected the DD-Jet Boiler cleaning system for this project.
2015, Belgium
This plant is built by Baumgarte Standardkessel (in operation 2009). The plant originally installed 2 boiler cleaning systems from another supplier, these systems provided inefficient operation. Two DD-Jet Nozzle heads were successfully tested and installed in June 2012. The new DD-Jet nozzle heads provided much more effective cleaning effect without the need for the rotating movement of the steel hose and thereby minimizing the wear on the hose.
2014, United Kingdom
Two DD-Jet Systems for radiation boiler pass cleaning, plant capacity 300,000 ton waste/year.
2014, Denmark
DD-Jet system for Danish WtE plant
2013, Finland
Dublix Engineering was selected as supplier to the boiler cleaning on the empty boiler passes of on the new Waste to Energy Installation at Vantaa Energia, Finland. This new large WtE plant were commissioned and put in operation 2014.
2013, France
The Labeuvrière plant operates 3 combustion lines, Dublix  has supplied services to line 3.
2013, Denmark
KARA/NOVEREN I/S is a Danish Waste-to-Energy plant situated in the city Roskilde, burning household waste on 3 lines,; 2 lines each based on Volund grates and rotary kiln with a 7t/h capacity; built in 1980 and 1988, a newer line was built in 1999 with an W+E grate, the W+E based system is handling 20 t waste/h.
2012, Sweden
Västervik Miljö & Energi (Stegeholmsverket), Sweden Kvaerner Power new CFB Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler for waste combustion (RDF - Refuse Derived Fuel) is a new major installation for the end client Västervik Miljö & Energi. The plant is located approximately 280 km south of Stockholm.
2012, Germany
First DD-Jet Nozzle head delivered to a German Waste to Energy installation (built by Baumgarte Standardkessel). The DD-Jet installation was made June 2012 and integrated into one existing boiler cleaning system delivered by another supplier.
2011, Finland
This new WtE plant was delivered by Hitachi Zosen Inova AG. In June 2011 Hitachi Zosen Inova chose the DD-Jet system for this brand new plant. One fully automatically operated DD-Jet system is serving four injection holes in the second and third boiler passes. The DD-Jet system was put in operation in May 2012.
2011, Italy
The Gioia Tauro WtE plant operates two combustion lines based on the Fluidized Bed technology from Kvaerner Power the former Metso Power. One DD-Jet automatically operated installation is serving both combustion lines. The installation was successfully commissioned in November 2011.
2010, Denmark
The plant upgraded with new DUB 3 grates and W&E grate parts.
2009, Netherlands
Dublix Engineering has supplied 4 DD-Jet Nozzle heads for the Attero Noord BV WtE plant in Wijster, the new DD-Jet Nozzle heads was installed on three existing boiler cleaning systems originally delivered from another supplier but having too low performance and having a very high maintenace cost.
2009, Belgium
Three (3) DD-Jet nozzle heads installed.
2009, Belgium
FuzEvent operating two combustion lines, more than 5000 ton/year increased waste treatment capacity. 100 % operator acceptance of high level control.
2009, France
>16 % increased waste capacity with , >10 % increased steam production. All three lines provided with FuzEvent in January 2009. Three DD-Jet nozzle heads installed.
2008, Norway
Successful use of DD-Jet System, flue gas temperature reduction 120°C 10 % more waste treatment capacity by FuzEvent
2008, Belgium
Automatic control (line 2) more than 90 % of the time, of all connected set-points. One DD-Jet system installed.