Technical Information


DD-Jet Boiler Cleaning

Cleaning media:  
The DD-Jet system is using normal tap water at a pressure of minimum 1-2 bar.
Low Water consumption:  
The DD-Jet require typically a water flow of less than 50 l/minute
Operation periods:
The DD-Jet require 5-10 minutes per cleaning sequence depending on the boiler height.
Power supply:
The DD-Jet require 400 VAC/500 Watt
Weight of the total DD-Jet system including water hose and nozzle:
The DD-Jet has a weight of 250 kg.
The DD-Jet is roof mounted on steel rails for easy movement to new cleaning position.
A full automated system can serve many injection holes as well as more boilers with boiler roof at the same hight.
Installation height:
The DD-Jet requires only 2 metres free space above boiler roof.
DD-Jet Nozzle head injection hole:
The DD-Jet requires minimum 10 cm injection holes.